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Auto Repair San Diego

Auto Repair San Diego

Everyone nowadays has a car. It’s a necessity for those who need to work, ferry kids around, and make social appointments. That’s practically all of us. And there’s one thing we dread more than anything:

Unfortunately, they go wrong.

What happens when your auto goes wrong?

Most people try to live with it. Engine light flashing? As long as I get to work, I’ll deal with it later.

Oil running low? That’s a job for the weekend.

And when the time comes, you’re stuck on the road to somewhere with your car hood open, and you’re trying to figure it out yourself.

Picture this – you start feeling a pain in your chest. It really hurts and all the warning signs are there, but you decide you’ll wait until the weekend. The pain gets worse, but you make it to Saturday. On Saturday, you decide to go down to the kitchen, get yourself a knife, and perform heart surgery on yourself.

Would that ever happen? Of course it wouldn’t. You already know that you are not trained to perform heart surgery, and even if you were, you couldn’t do it on yourself. When your life is on the life, you’re not going to take those risks – instead, you’re going to recognise the warning signs, go to a doctor at the first opportunity and let them handle it.

Yet, people think that because there car is not a part of their body, they don’t need to worry about it so much. In the business of Auto Repair San Diego, we see it all the time; people will take their lives in their hands because they think they can just drive to work and back on worn down tyres, or with a little problem with their indicator lights. These people need to realize what driving is; you are in a (very safe, usually) tin can flying along at eighty miles an hour, potentially ready to collide with another tin can (some of them much larger and sturdier than yours) with a million different things that could go wrong at any time.

Making sure that your car is in tip top condition is not a joke. It can mean the difference between life and death. Thinking that you can handle your own auto repair is like thinking that you can be your own surgeon. You should think about all the things that can go wrong, and realize that a trained professional is likely to do a better job of spotting potential safety issues than you; after all, it’s their profession.

We understand that you want to get to work, and take your kids to school in the most efficient and safe way as possible. You don’t have the time to dedicate to your automobile, so you should let a qualified professional do it and take the weight off your shoulders entirely.

We’re based in San Diego, and for Auto Repair San Diego can’t produce a site that gives you more information about Auto Repair San Diego than we can.

Tuan is awesome!

-Open on Saturday, don't need to take time off from work
-Tuan replaced the CV axles for me, flawless
-Can go to Krakatoa for some good coffee across the street while waiting
-I got an oil change at another place, got a quote to fix the my car for $400. Found TN and got it fixed for $250!

After you get your car fixed, you should go to the turf club for dinner!

Teresa N.

TN Auto Repair did a great job fixing my 1993 4Runner. The work was done when promised at a very reasonable price. Tim was very knowledgeable and was able to speak in laments terms about what needed to be done and how his team accomplished the work. I've got 5 cars and TN will get the majority of any mechanical work I may need in the future.

Edward C.

TN Auto did an excellent job on my daughter' car. I will definitely go back for all my future automobile maintenance.

Monica A.

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